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#56 Reminder of Forum Rules

Posted by Quickdraw on 17 July 2012 - 02:03 AM

Forum Rules:

Welcome to the Dallas Cowboys True Blue forum. Please take a few moments before posting to read the rules.

1. Profanity is not allowed...period. Do not mask profane words in an attempt to bypass the filter. Examples of masking would be: D@LL@S , Da!!as, l />ALLA$, etc. Profanity used in languages other than English will also be considered masking.

2. No nudity or profane images. This includes Avatars and SIGs or posting links to media and/or other outlets which violate this policy.  Sigs, or posted images that depict nudity, or any other type of offensive material will be removed.

3. Please do not post entire articles from other sites.  You may post links to relevant content on other sites (i.e., article from


4. Don't start a new thread on a topic that is already being discussed or it may be subject to either being merged with a similar topic, or closed.


4a. Topic jacking is prohibited.  Please stay on topic out of respect for the member who started it.

5. If you have a problem or concern regarding a moderator, send a message to that moderator to discuss the issue (remain civil as will the moderator). If you choose to air your concern in the public forums, you may be subject to a warning or permanent suspension.


6. Arguments and disagreements are expected and most certainly inevitable. Please don't resort to name-calling, direct or indirect, or labeling members. Do not degrade, demean, or belittle other members in any way. If you have a problem with someone's opinion, argue against the opinion, not the person.

7. Avoid excessive spamming. Spam is defined as posting irrelevant information and/or off-topic information (for example, a thread about dancing in a Cowboys game thread).

8. When starting a thread, please title the thread relative to the topic. Staff members reserve the right to change a topics title.

9. This site is for fans, not free advertising. Personal web pages (Myspace, Facebook, etc.) are acceptable, but make sure the page is PG-13 before posting a link. Active members can post links to their businesses or income-producing websites in their signatures with a hyperlink ONLY with the text "My Company", "My Website", or "My Business". Do not include banners, business descriptions, or clickable ads of any kind. All hyperlinks to business sites must be approved by the moderators before being added in signatures.

10. This is a forum for football and some other general discussion.  Politics, religion, race, or other moral and ethical issues are prohibited.


10-a. If you choose to have an avatar or signature that pertains to one of the above issues (i.e., religion), then only positive themed avatars/signatures will be allowed. Anything negative or derogative will be removed.


11. If you have an idea for an "Official" thread, please run it by a staff member and have them start it for you. Please DO NOT title any thread as an "Official" thread if you are not a moderator.

12. One account per member please. Multiple accounts may result in the de-activation of all accounts associated with that member. This includes accounts created in an attempt to bypass disciplinary action that has been taken. In addition, any account created with the intent of impersonating another past or present member will be permanently forfeit.

13. If you see any questionable activity, please use the "Report" button under each post. Please do not abuse this option.

14. If you choose to use your real name as a username or in conversation, you do so at your own risk.

15. Avatars cannot be animated GIFs, but signatures can be animated, as long as they are not distracting to others.

16. Please keep signatures to a reasonable size. SIGs that are too big may be subject to removal.


17. Do not quote another member in your sig unless you have permission from that person.  If you use another members comment in your sig, and that member wishes for their quote to be removed, the staff reserves the right to remove it out of respect for the other member or members.


18. Only 1 sig image per member is allowed.


18-a.  Random images of scantily clad women are not allowed.  Images of Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders are allowed.


*** These rules are subject to change at any time. ***


Thank you, and welcome to our boards.

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#3978770 Trade Dak to Browns or Niners this offseason

Posted by rocknrollinhoneybadger on 16 January 2017 - 03:54 PM

See ladies and gentlemen, this is what happens when you drink too much and get on the internet. You get posts like the one made by RandUniversity here. 

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#3830960 JUst met Dez Bryant

Posted by Reid1boy on 21 November 2016 - 05:34 AM

So not only was the day amazing.... obviously we won, but the pre and post game party that was happening at AT&T with the band outside the stadium was GREAT FUN. So we head out to downtown Dallas to have dinner and drinkss. We meet the manager of the place where we are hanging and he gives us a tour and just basically hangs out with us for the night.


W are leaving, and of course the 4 of us are decked out in our Cowboys garb, me in my Dez jersey.... he says, hey, Dez just left and is walking down the street..... im like, yeah, whatever.

Here comes a Bentley right in front of us, and no kidding, its Dez. He sees us, stops, roles down the window, lets us tell him how great he, and snaps a couple pics with my family.


He did not need to stop, didnt need to role down his window, nor take pics with delirious fans. What a way to cap off our great trip.

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#111327 New Warning.

Posted by kskboys on 24 August 2012 - 05:31 PM

Just want to let everyone know that we're going to be handing out some 24 hour vacations for personal attacks and cursing. I've been letting some masked profanity slide, but no more. Listen, the "F" word does not belong on these forums in any way, shape or form. Find a different way to say things. Also might want to be careful about posting the same thing over and over, as that is considered spamming.

Just wanted to warn so as not to surprise anyone. Thank you, ksk
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#3975611 The loss isn't nearly as bad as the attitudes.

Posted by Runwildboys on 16 January 2017 - 01:52 AM

It sucks that we lost tonight.  It really sucks!....but I can accept it, knowing that we're just at the beginning of a beautiful reign of terror in the NFL.


This season went much farther than anyone...ANYONE...expected. Not only do we have the best RB in the league, but one of, if not the best O-line, our franchise QB, a good receiving corps, some pretty good players on the rise on our defense (including Jaylon Smith, who will likely become one of the best LBs in the league), and this team is so young that we'll be in the top of the league for several years! 


Once we add to this defense, we'll be sitting very pretty.


So yeah, it sucks bad that we lost tonight....but at least there's a Hell of a lot to look forward to....yet all I see, with very few exceptions, are how this guy sucks, and this guy has to go, and yadda yadda friggin' yadda!


I realize some of us need to process this loss, and grieve in their own way, but man, some of it just makes the loss worse for everyone else. Misery loves company, but not miserable company. Try to see the good side, instead of blaming this one or that one.  We had a great run, for a team that wasn't supposed to even have a winning record.

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#4341 Attention Members

Posted by Quickdraw on 18 July 2012 - 06:17 PM

This forum is for feedback ONLY.

Please do not create topics related to the forums as there is a Forum Feedback section for that.

All topics not related to will be automatically removed.

Thank you.

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#3756476 Fair Warning: Romo

Posted by kskboys on 23 October 2016 - 06:28 PM

There are a couple of people in here who are insisting on making everything about Romo.  Problem is, good discussions are being derailed.    


There is a separate forum for Romo discussions, please take your comments down there.       The reason we started the Romo forum in the first place was so people could have a discussion w/o someone piping in about a different subject. 


I'll be giving out warnings, just FYI.    Thank you!!!

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#184781 Things that will get You Banned, No Questions Asked.

Posted by kskboys on 16 September 2012 - 05:49 AM

Just so we're clear on some things, here are a few things that will get an automatic suspension.

1. Cursing or masking inappropriate language in either a post or your username.

2. Personal attacks

3. Referring to the trash that used to go on here in an inciting way.

4. Name calling. (Idiot, moron, troll, etc....)

If you feel you are being attacked, report it or PM me. Thank you.
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#3903217 Dear Cowboys Fans

Posted by Bobhaze on 19 December 2016 - 06:16 AM

We won the game tonight. We are 12-2. I am enjoying this season as much as any season in the 50+ years I've followed this team. When we win, I don't care who's playing QB or whether the play calling meets everyone's standards or how strong we looked. I don't care if "I was right" about ______or wrong about ______either. Winning = good. Always.

Enjoy the ride. Celebrate the wins and remember what it was like this time last year. This is some fine wine we drinking up in here!
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#4199968 Condolences to Doc

Posted by Call Me Doc on 14 August 2017 - 10:55 PM

THANK YOU EVERYONE, for your sweet words, thoughts & prayers. Husband's memorial service is on Thursday, and the funeral won't be until sometime in January. He's being buried at Arlington National Cemetery, with full military honors for a 30-year career. But because it's ANC, there's a backlog, which is why the funeral won't be until January. Still not ready to come back here yet, as there's too much to do. I'm overwhelmed by the outpourings of love and support for me and our family :wub: .


Again, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

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#4118314 Thread Etiquette

Posted by CouchCoach on 09 May 2017 - 07:23 PM

How about this?  If you don't like a thread, don't post in it.  If you feel it belongs somewhere else, send a Mod a message, don't post that in the thread.


If posters don't support a thread, it dies on its own.  I know, I've euthanized enough of my own.


It is disrespectful and insulting to the thread originator and who cares?  It is not like there is a thread limit. That sends the wrong message to posters who may want to, and have the same right to, start a thread.

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#4119107 Former NFL team doctor: LB Jaylon Smith's damaged nerve unlikely to fully...

Posted by Runwildboys on 10 May 2017 - 06:46 PM

Yes, but believe everything an anonymous "former" NFL doc says about a situation he hasn't witnessed first hand.

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#3883482 Let's take a deep breath, but realize the tide is turning

Posted by Erod on 12 December 2016 - 05:02 PM

Quietly, teams are starting to out-Dallas the Cowboys.  Time of possession is no longer in a stranglehold.  Third-down efficiency is in the crapper on offense.  Zeke's yards are coming tougher to come by.  Receiver production is way down.  Dak's numbers are dropping precipitously week by week. 

Everything is trending the wrong way except the defense, and the 11-2 record.  Still the best record in the NFL.  No way to deny that.  The Cowboys are in great shape in that regard.
But as with every season, there are realities tucked inside the results.  You're almost never as good or bad as your record says you are.  Yes, Mr. Parcells, you are what your record says you are so far, but there are underlying truths that hint where you are headed. 
Lots of good records have been one-and-done in the playoffs.  The Cowboys look destined to be a quick out if things don't change dramatically, and soon.
Some points to ponder:
1.  A loss is not necessarily a bad thing, but a loss to the Giants really hurt badly.  The Cowboys are effectively only 1 1/2 games up on New York because the tie-breaker is lost.  This season turned from home-field throughout to potentially a wild card.  Not likely, but a lot more possible than 24 hours ago.  However, the flip side is that there won't be this month of meaningless football to navigate, which could have been a dangerous trap.  Now, they've got to play.  There's no looking too far ahead now, and that's a good thing. 
2.  The defense continues to improve, and that is so promising for now and yonder.  Sean Lee....good gosh, he's playing incredibly well, and knock on wood, his body seems to have found its balance at outside linebacker the past two seasons.  Anthony Brown?  You are kidding me.  Best 6th-round pick in forever around here.  Brandon Carr played Beckham amazingly well last night aside from one quick slant.  McClain, Collins, Wilson, Hitchens, Heath.....contributions coming from unlikely areas.  They have found a little strut on defense, and that's great to see.  They are swarming and hitting everything.  This finally looks like a true Rod Marinelli-style defense.
3.  The book is out on this offense, but playcalling is not the problem.  When you can't get the 4-5 yards you're used to on first down - run or pass - it makes the game difficult.  The Giants were stacked up on the line all night, begging to be hurt for big plays.  They were betting Dallas couldn't take advantage, and they were right.  Just like Minnesota.  The Cowboys are 2-for-26 on third down the past two weeks, and that's because they can't damage these fronts on early downs lately.  They're going to see the same thing against Tampa, Detroit, and Philly (remember, the Eagles shut Dallas down for 3 1/2 quarters).  The Cowboys have to learn quickly how to execute against those looks, or it could be trouble.  Dak has to let the ball go quicker, and make decisions before the snap to beat it.  That's what veterans understand and rookies don't.  Most of the play happens for a QB before the ball is even snapped.
4.  OK, let's do the quarterback thing.  Everybody needs to just relax no matter what.  Dak Prescott is the future, and Tony Romo is available right now.  Those two facts don't have to argue with each other.  It's all good no matter what they do in the long term.  I personally believe, like I have all year, that the ONLY chance at a championship this year is with Romo in the end.  That is not a slight to Dak, who is going through what rookies go through and has a fantastic career ahead of him.  I could not possibly be more excited or impressed with our young rookie QB.  That we found him is the stuff of Cowboy legend already.  It's such a relief.  However, the only elite QB here at this moment is Romo, and of course, that's only if he can still take a hit, which we don't know.  Playing him would not set Dak back.  It would change nothing regarding Dak's career.  It might even be good for him.  If he comes out and looks just as lost against Tampa, this might be the time to make the change for this season.  See what Romo can do for a couple of weeks, see if he can take a hit and get up, and then you have a clear picture what the best option is for the playoffs.  That would clear the air for the coaches and players, Jerry, us, everybody.  If Dak can shake off the recent weeks and get back to form, then that's perfectly fine, too.  There are no hand grenades with this.    
5.  Along the same lines, it's going to be a tough go for Zeke moving forward.  Teams are stacked up for him and the short routes to Beasley, and are determined to make Dak Prescott do everything downfield and outside.  Again, 2-for-26 on third down says that approach against Dallas is working.  Tampa can play defense, too, and they'll be putting the game on Dak this weekend as well.   Zeke can't run through walls enough to win the game for Dallas.  Dak has to throw teams out of these fronts, and if he can't......   Romo might be the best solution to get Zeke some running room.  An elite veteran QB will murder those sell-out fronts against the run. 
This is such a unique team with unique circumstances, the coaches have a lot of decisions to make this week, and I'm not even talking about Dak/Romo.  The Cowboys are going to have change a lot of things offensively, put in a lot more pre-snap adjustments and reads, and change the tempo.  The defense is hitting stride, while the offense is falling apart.
Dallas has four weeks to prep for the postseason.  There's a lot to do.

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#3851039 Need your prayers again, Cowboys family...

Posted by Call Me Doc on 30 November 2016 - 11:25 PM

While I realize that this isn't the appropriate forum for this topic, I feel like I have no other choice. So for this, I sincerely apologize to the mods.



My husband went in for a checkup today, and found out the problems he's been having with his kidney, isn't kidney stones after all. It's metastatic lung cancer to the kidney.  :(


His lungs, are cancer free, THANK GOD! But this is just another problem that I just didn't need right now. I will continue to be as diligent in his treatment, as I ever have been. There are no quitters in this family! :angry:


I ask for any and all prayers; my faith stays tested, but I STILL TRUST GOD! I will be taking another hiatus from the forums, but still cheering for our 'Boys the entire way! I SINCERELY LOVE YOU ALL (even though we've never met), and couldn't ask for a better "3rd family" :wub:




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#3818566 Fell like my best friend just died

Posted by Reid1boy on 16 November 2016 - 01:03 AM

Just watched Tony's press conference........ damn. 

I was 21 when when Magic did his press conference and announced he was HIV positive...... I feel almost like that right now. Tony has been the most heavily criticized ATHLETE in all of sports in the past 10 years...... very unfairly IMO. Our team sucked, and because of Tony's ability, we competed.


He was a man today on that podium. IMO, he is still the better QB, he still gives us a better chance at winning the SB, but this is such a unique situation that I get why the Cowboys must stay with Dak. 


Fans always complain that our athletes just want that check. They dont really care about winning or losing in the end, but they want to get paid.  Well today you saw an athlete that is selfless and is the epitome of what it means to be a team captain. Here is a man that has taken a beating in the past 10 years, and has continued to come back because he wanted to help his team win. When is the last time you heard ANY athlete truly talk from the heart as Tony did this afternoon? Talking about how he let US down.......... no Tony, you didnt let us down, you gave us fans hope for a better tomorrow when our team sucked. You made us think we always had a chance to win games.


Today, I have as much respect for Tony Romo as I have ever had. My only hope going forward is that we do NOT trade Tony next year,,as I just read that no matter what we do, next year we have 17 million committed to our cap for Tony..... so we keep him and dont put us back into back up hell.


If we do trade him, I want him traded to Denver where he can join Ware and have the same legit chance at winning a SB before he retires.


I know I sound like a mushy wussy..... but like T.O. once said......... thats my quarterback!

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#3819515 The passing of eras- it's great to be a Cowboys fan

Posted by Bobhaze on 16 November 2016 - 01:17 PM

Yesterday, we should have all been reminded how lucky we are to be fans of the Cowboys....

I was 11 years old in 1969, when "Dandy Don" Meredith suddenly and unexpectedly announced he was retiring as QB of the Dallas Cowboys a few months before the start of the '69 season. He was only 31 years old. But he had suffered broken ribs twice, a broken nose, broken fingers, and countless concussions. He was the first "star" QB of the Dallas Cowboys and I shed a few sports tears the day I heard the news.

The QB who started the first game of the 1969 season was a rookie named Roger Staubach. Little did I know, five SBs were coming in the next decade.

In the spring of 1980, I was 22 years old, about to graduate from college. I sat in my car listening to the radio broadcast of Roger Staubach's retirement announcement in front of my apartment, shedding more than a few sports tears. Roger had to retire at the age of 37 because of too many concussions. His successor, Danny White, Led us to the three straight NFC Championship games.

In the summer of 2001, I was 43 years as I watched 35 year old Troy Aikman announce his retirement.I shed no sports tears, not because I wouldn't miss Troy, but because I was older, more mature, and had four children I was raising. And I was grateful for the three SBs and countless great moments Troy and the 'Boys of the 90s had brought us.

Yesterday, at the ripe young age of 58, I heard 36 year old Tony Romo eloquently state that he acknowledged that he is no longer the starting QB of the Dallas Cowboys. Like many of you, I thought when he started he was announcing his retirement. But he showed his commitment to his team regardless of how he feels about playing now.

His classy statement should be a reminder to all of us Cowboys fans that nothing lasts forever in our sports lives and we should appreciate the great warrior/leaders this storied franchise has had- Meredith, Staubach, Aikman, and now Romo. (Who knows, Tony may have a few moments of glory left) Most NFL teams never have the kind of pedigree we have had at QB.

How lucky we are!
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#4241477 Jaylon Smith's 1st game as a Cowboy

Posted by Ultron on 11 September 2017 - 03:01 AM

Superb performance!

Jaylon saved that interception from being taken away by the WR, forced a fumble that was stolen by the zebras, had some powerful tackles and looked explosive - very happy for him. I got to meet him last year and he's a phenomenal human being
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#3982563 Stine Steen The Eagles fan chiming in on Sunday's game.

Posted by Stine Steen on 17 January 2017 - 06:24 PM

Listen Listen Listen. There should be no complaints from the Cowboys fanbase. Let me say this, there is one QB who makes that 3rd and 26 yrd play, and unfortunately, your team was playing against him that night. Aaron Rodgers is a freak of nature, and it was also a great catch along with concentration. No other QB in the league buys that extra time and puts the ball on the money like Rodgers. Your team was down 21-3 at one point. Let's not forget this. They fought back and lost because of a 1 in million type play.


Your team is now built to compete for years to come, so expect to be back in the same situation very soon. There shouldn't even be any QB controversy either. Dak is your guy. Zeke Elliott is an elite RB. This team will make it to a SB and possibly win it soon. A lot of teams aren't in your position. The sky has not fallen in Dallas. Keep your jerseys and season tickets. You have a lot of good football to come.

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#3829132 Dak Prescott class act all the way

Posted by aberfitchbabi on 20 November 2016 - 09:21 PM

Did anyone see Dak right before the Ravens got the back for the last possession of the game throw his drink cup over his shoulder and it bounced off the rim of the trash can.   As soon as he noticed it fell on the ground, he got up and put it in the trash.    I would have to commend his late mother on a outstand job of raising him.    

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#3762606 Miles Austin At Cowboys Practice?

Posted by One ✭ Star on 26 October 2016 - 09:11 PM


Miles Austin pulls a hammie running and catching passes for Tony Romo at today's practice.
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