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Reminder of Forum Rules

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Posted 17 July 2012 - 02:03 AM

Forum Rules:

Welcome to the Dallas Cowboys True Blue forum. Please take a few moments before posting to read the rules.

1. Profanity is not allowed...period. Do not mask profane words in an attempt to bypass the filter. Examples of masking would be: D@LL@S , Da!!as, l />ALLA$, etc. Profanity used in languages other than English will also be considered masking.

2. No nudity or profane images. This includes Avatars and SIGs or posting links to media and/or other outlets which violate this policy.  Sigs, or posted images that depict nudity, or any other type of offensive material will be removed.

3. Please do not post entire articles from other sites.  You may post links to relevant content on other sites (i.e., article from


4. Don't start a new thread on a topic that is already being discussed or it may be subject to either being merged with a similar topic, or closed.


4a. Topic jacking is prohibited.  Please stay on topic out of respect for the member who started it.

5. If you have a problem or concern regarding a moderator, send a message to that moderator to discuss the issue (remain civil as will the moderator). If you choose to air your concern in the public forums, you may be subject to a warning or permanent suspension.


6. Arguments and disagreements are expected and most certainly inevitable. Please don't resort to name-calling, direct or indirect, or labeling members. Do not degrade, demean, or belittle other members in any way. If you have a problem with someone's opinion, argue against the opinion, not the person.

7. Avoid excessive spamming. Spam is defined as posting irrelevant information and/or off-topic information (for example, a thread about dancing in a Cowboys game thread).

8. When starting a thread, please title the thread relative to the topic. Staff members reserve the right to change a topics title.

9. This site is for fans, not free advertising. Personal web pages (Myspace, Facebook, etc.) are acceptable, but make sure the page is PG-13 before posting a link. Active members can post links to their businesses or income-producing websites in their signatures with a hyperlink ONLY with the text "My Company", "My Website", or "My Business". Do not include banners, business descriptions, or clickable ads of any kind. All hyperlinks to business sites must be approved by the moderators before being added in signatures.

10. This is a forum for football and some other general discussion.  Politics, religion, race, or other moral and ethical issues are prohibited.


10-a. If you choose to have an avatar or signature that pertains to one of the above issues (i.e., religion), then only positive themed avatars/signatures will be allowed. Anything negative or derogative will be removed.


11. If you have an idea for an "Official" thread, please run it by a staff member and have them start it for you. Please DO NOT title any thread as an "Official" thread if you are not a moderator.

12. One account per member please. Multiple accounts may result in the de-activation of all accounts associated with that member. This includes accounts created in an attempt to bypass disciplinary action that has been taken. In addition, any account created with the intent of impersonating another past or present member will be permanently forfeit.

13. If you see any questionable activity, please use the "Report" button under each post. Please do not abuse this option.

14. If you choose to use your real name as a username or in conversation, you do so at your own risk.

15. Avatars cannot be animated GIFs, but signatures can be animated, as long as they are not distracting to others.

16. Please keep signatures to a reasonable size. SIGs that are too big may be subject to removal.


17. Do not quote another member in your sig unless you have permission from that person.  If you use another members comment in your sig, and that member wishes for their quote to be removed, the staff reserves the right to remove it out of respect for the other member or members.


18. Only 1 sig image per member is allowed.


18-a.  Random images of scantily clad women are not allowed.  Images of Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders are allowed.


*** These rules are subject to change at any time. ***


Thank you, and welcome to our boards.

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