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Posting Suggestions

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Posted 17 July 2012 - 02:09 AM

From Derek Eagleton:

When you have a good idea for a new topic, you should always check out the first few pages of the specific forum you are going to post it in to see if one has already been started on it, then if has been, reply in that thread. Widely discussed topics as well as weekly opponents will usually have official threads. They are there for a reason...Use them. Creating a new thread on an already existing topic is one of the fastest ways known to mankind of getting it locked.

It's always best to post a new topic in the forum it belongs in. If you don't, it will only get moved there anyway.

When conducting yourself, it's good to always keep in mind that this is a family site with many younger members.

We are always happy to look at new ideas to make the site an even better place. If you have an idea you wish to share, the Website Feedback Forum is the place for it!

It's good to keep in mind that the staff is friendly and reasonable, and wants to keep this site the best Cowboys site there is. Please don't take it personal if a staff member locks a thread or has to take other action. Our interests are what is best for the site and the membership, not personal agendas.

Joining the site just to hawk your get-rich quick scheme, or your new website, or your car that runs on water, or whatever, is only wasting your time and ours, and will just get you outta here in a hurry.

We welcome fans of other teams, and are happy to engage in reasonable discussion. However, if you are joining the site just to try to get members riled-up, or to cause trouble, your welcome will be a short one.

Commenting in large font is not only unnecessary but also a bit annoying. If you think by posting your comment in large font, you're calling attention to your post, it isn't. Using larger font, as long as it is a reasonable size, may be overlooked. However we reserve the right to change the font size if it is excessively large.

These are suggestions, the site rules are not. We aren't kidding about the site rules. It's your responsibility to read and abide by the rules if you want to post here. Though we will always try and tell you why we took a specific action, workload doesn't always permit this. There are changes made in the site rules from time to time as membership grows and situations change, so it's always a good idea to check them periodically. "I didn't know", or "I have done it this way forever" are not excuses that are going to hold water.

If you honor the site rules at all times, you will never have a problem here. If another member gets out of hand, then private message (PM) a staff member, or report their post and let us handle it. That is part of our job. If you get into it with someone, you run the very real risk of being disciplined yourself.