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Romo Hall Of Fame

Why not??

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#281 Gmen4ever



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Posted 28 August 2017 - 02:20 AM

I just finished reading every single post & all 14 pages & I have come to one undeniable conclusion...capcomeback is really Tony Romo! Nice job selling yourself peanut brittle, but the HOF ain't happening for you. ROH, without a doubt!


You lost all credibility with that huge list of QBs that you tried to lump yourself in with. Majority either won a SB, NFL Championship or got their teams into multiple SBs, title games. Something you couldn't do little Tony. 4th highest ever QBR rating? Really? That's your HOF ticket? Wow. 


Danny White got Dallas into 3 straight NFCCGs, you won 2 WC games.

Troy played with the all time leading rusher in NFL history, of course his passing stats are gonna be less than yours!

Both Roger & White played with a HOF RB in Tony D, of course their passing #s are also gonna be less. And news flash for ya little Romo, the NFL was a run 1st league back in the 60s & 70s, so the passing stats of a lot of HOF QBs are gonna be way less than yours because they didn't sling the ball 40x a game back then.


You really think you were a better QB than Joe Namath, Terry Bradshaw & Ken Stabler? You were a better QB than Dan Marino & Jim Kelly or Warren Moon? You smoking some good stuff there little Tony. One of the greatest HCs in NFL history , HOFer  John Madden stated at Ken Stabler's wake that there was no other QB he would rather have taking his team down the field with less than 2 min in the game than the Snake. I highly doubt any NFL HC will say that about you at your wake. 4th highest QBR in NFL history, still SMH at that one.


Donovan McNabb led the Eagles to 5 straight NFCCGs & a SB! So how are you better than him with your 2 WC wins? Oh yeah, your 4th best QBR rating.


In SB 8, HOFer Bob Griese threw for 73yds on 6 completions on 7 pass attempts for the entire game & Miami still stomped the Vikes .24-7.  So I guess his QBR would be thru the roof based on 6-7 for 73yds, huh?  Shows how overrated QBr stats are.


To even bring your name with Dan Fouts is pretty laughable, that QB was a passing machine in an era where the QB/ WR didn't enjoy all the over protection that QBs/WRs of the last decade have enjoyed. You think you had it bad getting hurt playing in the 2000s, you woulda got destroyed in the 70s/80s by the Steel curtain  & other vicious defenses of the 70s-80s, even 90s.


Facts are, you were an injury prone QB who could never stay healthy & when in the huge win or go home games, couldn't get the job done. 2-4 in the playoffs & 0-2 in NFCE win the division or go home games.


As has been stated before, you were a top 6 QB during your time when healthy but that's as high as you could go.


And Tony, plz stop using the "coulda, woulda, shoulda" excuse card, it very unbecoming of you.


Enjoy your future induction into the Cowboys ROH & be content with that & the millions of $$ you made during your NFL career.

#282 kskboys



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Posted 28 August 2017 - 04:51 AM

Marino didn't get in because of his numbers or his longevity. Marino was the top qb in  high school, in college and the pros. All you had to do was watch him play for 5 minutes and you knew he was in the HOF, the guy was simply that good. Now for Montana, his Notre Dame record speaks for itself and if coaches missed on him, that's their fault, he did it at the highest levels in college and to come to the pros and dominate seemingly so simply, that's why he's in there. When you understand that the Dolphins had Shula and his offensive mind and then you see how Marino overcame that offense to basically define the modern passing game, well then you can understand why Marino is in without championships. Romo basically took what the defense gave him and if he tried to take more he got shut down. Marino took what he wanted whenever he wanted and until Walsh had the foresight to actually time his passes and do what modern coaches do today to beat him, he was basically unbeatable. Marino had no run game to speak of his entire career and no one could throw a go, a post a fly like Marino did. His receivers were tiny little guys with almost no talent and he dominated with them, basically putting the ball right in their hands at full speed headed right for the endzone and many times with mere feet to spare at the back and the sides of the endzone and those guys were at FULL speed. 


I saw Matt Stafford throw a pass like Marino the other day, and I simply hadn't seen that since Marino played. A perfect pass the receiver stuck his hands in front of him at full speed and just caught the ball. Stafford took one step and delivered a perfect strike, Marino did that his entire career. He is probably the least sacked Qb of all time and in fact for 7 straight years he was sacked less than 28 times in a row and that was the best of any qb of those years. Aikman's best year was 31. Marino's was 21.


If you watch him play, you notice two distinct things no other qb in history had or has. He was mobile without any speed whatsoever to speak of. He always kept his eyes downfield and he could deliver the ball with uncanny accuracy and power with a mere flick of his wrist. No other qb could beat the '85 Bears, or even come close. Marino amazed all of America when he did it with such ease. To me because I watched him play, he's the greatest qb to ever play the game of American football. Show me any other qb who could put up numbers like him with such a small corp of receivers. Those guys, Clayton, Duper and Nat Moore, couldn't make a roster on ANY NFL team today. For Marino to put up such numbers year after year with these three guys speaks volumes about the guy's ability. The losses he suffered were basically due to lack of talent on the field.


You want to compare him to Romo? Romo has had some of the best WR's, the biggest WR's and some of the best talent on his side of the ball and has how many playoff wins? Marino had 8 with far less talent. 

1,000 yard rushers during Marino's tenure as starting QB:   1


Marino was a freak.   Before Elway's last two super bowls, most agreed that Marino was better.   And he was.    

My doctor told me to start killing people.   Well, not  in those exact words.   He said I had to reduce the stress in my life.    Same thing, really. 

#283 oakclifford22



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Posted 28 August 2017 - 02:02 PM

op, just for the plain simple fact that Jerry has stated that the ROH is basically going to come down only if you are HOF worthy, and the ROH is just a prerequisite leading to that honor. I know that's not the way it was done in the past, and many teams have players in their ROH who are basically great players for their teams. Jerry doesn't see it that way, and an ROH in Dallas without being HOF worthy just  hasn't happened since he bought the team. So #9 getting in the ROH just seems like a pipe dream at this point, unless Jerrah changes his mind, It ain't gonna happen. At this point only Witten and Ware meet that criteria. Deion is in the HOF, but not in the ROH. 

#284 bob_tha_football



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Posted 29 August 2017 - 01:10 PM

I could be wrong here, seems I remember Ware hoisting a Lombardy trophy with another team and will be remembered as and hell no to the ROH


As much as I still love my boy Romo, I don't see either HOF or ROH in his future. But dayum, he sure made games exciting !

#285 .G2.


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Posted 12 September 2017 - 08:17 PM

1,000 yard rushers during Marino's tenure as starting QB:   1


Marino was a freak.   Before Elway's last two super bowls, most agreed that Marino was better.   And he was.    

I remember watching an interview with Marino after he retired and he said he would change the the running plays to passing because he just had to throw it. Make you wonder if he allowed things to be more balanced, would they have won some SB's?

#286 Banned in DC

Banned in DC


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Posted 13 September 2017 - 05:10 AM

The media votes for the HOF. Romo is now "the media".....That's his only qualification, and he'll undeservingly make it in on that achievement alone. Thank Terrell Davis

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