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50 Greatest Cowboys of All-time

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Posted 26 November 2012 - 06:35 PM

Tom Landry

EDIT: Oops...just noticed no coaches

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Posted 17 December 2012 - 11:24 PM

This is a tough topic. Are we really talking about most talented players? Or biggest impact? Because if were talking greatest players, Prime Time is Top 10. If were talking impact, Hershel Walker has to be way up there. Top 10 as well. So im not sure what we're talking about here exactly because neither of these guys are real high on peoples lists, but i think thats because most people are getting players that won SBs or are on the team now. We arent saying anyone that was in the 80's and didnt win a SB in the 70's or 90's.

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Posted 18 December 2012 - 01:29 AM

One of the greatest pics of all time.

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"Walt Garrison is the toughest football player I ever played against or coached."- Dan Reeves

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Posted 19 December 2012 - 06:54 AM

Here are my top 35...

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Posted 27 December 2012 - 08:08 PM

what about Mark Obstroski, & Haley, Butch Johnson, Danny White, Leon Lett , Maryland Russell and Bill Bates

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Posted 27 December 2012 - 08:21 PM

the moose johnston dallas best fullback ever and jay novecek???

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Posted 13 January 2013 - 10:41 AM

One of the greatest pics of all time.

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Where's Clint Longley???!???

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Posted 27 January 2013 - 10:01 PM

I first wrote this back in Jan. 2009 and posted it elsewhere, before this site came up with its list:


50 Greatest Dallas Cowboys of All Time

I didn't consider active players because their legacies are still in flux and I didn't consider players who spent more years with another team than they did with Dallas, so no Adderley, Glenn, Norton, etc.. These are primary Cowboys.

1.Bob Lilly- In the argument for greatest defensive lineman of all time and consistently listed as a starting tackle on just about everyone’s All Time NFL team, it’s appropriate that the man from west Texas nicknamed "Mr. Cowboy" who was the team’s first ever draft pick and first Hall of Fame entry occupies the number one spot. Lilly went to a franchise record 11 Pro Bowls and was named First Team All Pro an astounding 7 times.

2. Roger Staubach- "Captain America" changed the course of franchise history from being perennially unable to win the big one to becoming America’s Team, and he did it with such class that even his rivals respected him as both a man and a player. Also known as "Captain Comeback" and "Roger the Dodger", Staubach retired just after the transition to 16 game seasons and right before the stat enhancing, West Coast revolution with what was then the highest career quarterback rating in history.

3. Troy Aikman- Probably the most precise and accurate passer in NFL history. Great during the regular season, he somehow stepped his game up and became superhuman during the playoffs.

4. Randy White- One of the strongest and most ferocious defenders ever to play the game, the "Manster" was widely seen by Cowboy fans as the second coming of Lilly. He was widely seen by opposing players as the harbinger of Doomsday.

5. Emmitt Smith- The NFL’s all time leading rusher. While not the fastest or biggest, when Smith was in his prime, perhaps no running back in history had his combination of power, vision, agility, toughness, and skill. He was also a good receiver, a great blocker, and had enough deceptive speed to rip off a lot of long touchdown runs.

6. Larry Allen- Should be a shoo in for the Hall of Fame. Arguably the most dominant offensive lineman in NFL history and almost certainly the strongest. Made All Pro at every position he was asked to play.

7. Deion Sanders - The greatest cover corner in history and a hell of a returner. It finally got to the point where he so intimidated even good offenses that he could be left alone on one side of the field and the quarterback wouldn’t throw his way. As a testament to his athleticism, he’s also the only man to have played in both a World Series and a Super Bowl.

8. Michael Irvin- Say what you want about him the guy was a hard working team player who cared more about winning than his personal stats. He was also one of the best clutch, play making wide receivers of all time and deserves his Hall of Fame status. There aren’t too many possession receivers who can figure out how to also pose a deep threat like he did.

9. Bob Hayes- The fastest man in NFL history and the only one to own an Olympic gold medal and a Super Bowl ring has to be in the top ten. This football player who happened to run track revolutionized the game, and he should have been in the Hall of Fame a long time ago.

10. Tony Dorsett- His unworldly ability to accelerate made him the only man to ever win a collegiate national championship, the Heisman, a Super Bowl, and entry into the NFL Hall of Fame. One of the greatest running backs of all time, he was also the first to run for a 99 yard touchdown from scrimmage.

11. Rayfield Wright- The converted tight end/defensive lineman played offensive tackle with an athleticism and ferocity rarely seen at the position, protecting Staubach during an amazing run of success in the 70s and finally landing Wright in the Hall of Fame. He’s considered by many to be the greatest pass blocker in NFL history.

12. Chuck Howley- Perhaps the greatest linebacker in franchise history, even as an aged veteran Howley could fly around the field and stop the run and the pass with equal ease. A perennial All Pro selection and the only man in NFL history who played well enough to win Super Bowl MVP on the losing team, Howley also should have been a shoo in for the Hall of Fame many years ago.

13. Mel Renfro- With world class track speed Renfro was the Deion Sanders of his day, except Renfro was physical enough to play either cornerback or safety at an all pro level. He was also the best kick off returner the Cowboys ever had. It’s no surprise he’s in the Hall of Fame.

14. Cliff Harris- It’s been said that Ronnie Lott was the Cliff Harris of the 80s. Harris was the first great, hard hitting free safety, and throughout the 70s receivers around the league feared going over the middle against the Dallas Cowboys. He’s on the All Decade team, and it’s a crime that he’s not in the Hall of Fame.

15. Lee Roy Jordan- The greatest middle linebacker in team history, Jordan was considered to be the best linebacker in the country coming out of Alabama and many who opposed him in the NFL ranked him on par with Dick Butkus. While not as big as Butkus and overshadowed due to playing on a much better team where it was harder to stand out, Jordan’s intelligence, intensity, and ability to fly from sideline to sideline served to anchor the Doomsday Defense for many years. He held the franchise tackle record for decades until Darren Woodson finally passed him.

16. Drew Pearson- Arguably an even more clutch receiver for Staubach than Irvin was for Aikman, Drew wasn’t big or blazing fast but he was crafty enough to almost always be open and had amazing hands. The recipient of the original "Hail Mary" catch was probably the most skilled receiver in Cowboys history. Pearson was the primary target during most of the glory years of the 70s, his stats are on par with Lynn Swan’s, and he should be in the Hall of Fame.

17. Herschel Walker- The only guy in the modern era who possibly really could play any position on the field, Walker’s combination of speed, strength, endurance, and toughness was incredible. He’s probably the best all around athlete the Cowboys, or any other team for that matter, has had over the past few decades. Along with Renfro, Walker is one of the top two kickoff returners in franchise history, and he ranks slightly behind Barry Sanders and significantly ahead of Marcus Allen at number 8 in NFL history with over 18,000 all purpose yards.

18. Ed Jones- At 6' 9" "Too Tall’s" simple presence on the field as defensive end automatically created problems for opposing quarterbacks. Add an athletic ability that led him into a brief, undefeated stint as a boxer and things became far, far worse. Jones often served as the anvil on which Randy White and Harvey Martin crushed the opposition.

19. Harvey Martin- Probably the greatest pass rusher in Cowboys history. Martin has held the unofficial NFL sack record for many years (sacks weren’t officially recorded back then) and was Co MVP of Super Bowl XII along with Randy White.

20. Don Meredith- The first great Quarterback on a team with a legendary lineage, the first player the Cowboys ever signed showed amazing physical courage on a struggling expansion team and eventually became a master at dissecting defenses with an aggressive passing attack. He’d easily be in the Hall of Fame if only he’d managed to win a Super Bowl.

21. Jay Novacek- The greatest tight end in franchise history didn’t have Irvin’s athleticism, but he had the best hands on a team that won three Super Bowls in four years. Novacek was Aikman’s go to guy when he had to have a first down, and it seemed like he always managed to catch it in traffic, no matter how many players were draped over him.

22. Danny White- A great quarterback who has been rated as the best NCAA quarterback in history more than once had awful big shoes to fill after Staubach retired. White managed to set numerous franchise passing records and led his team to several conference championship games. Like Meredith, he’d be in the Hall of Fame if he’d broken through and won at least one Super Bowl, but he came very, very close. White was one of the last quarterbacks well rounded enough to also serve as the team punter.

23. Darren Woodson- The greatest strong safety in team history, the hard hitting Woodson’s ability to defend both the run and the pass made him the best safety in the league for many years, and enabled him to set the Cowboy’s all time tackle record. He should probably be in the Hall of Fame.

24. John Niland- At guard he was the Larry Allen of his era, being awarded six straight Pro Bowls and multiple All Pro selections on a line that was the most consistently successful in the league regardless of who was playing quarterback or running back. At least a borderline Hall of Famer.

25. Cornell Green- Like Renfro, this multiple first team all pro and former basketball player was athletic and versatile enough to make it to numerous Pro Bowls at both cornerback and safety. Another borderline Hall of Famer.

26. Jethro Pugh- A solid defensive lineman who was overshadowed by the all stars he played with, but who was the only lineman who started on both Super Bowl winning incarnations of Doomsday in the 70s.

27. Charlie Waters- Another one of those great Doomsday dbs who could play either cornerback or safety, this smart, multiple pro bowler with excellent hands was most famous as an elite strong safety, acting as Cliff Harris’ partner in destruction for many years.

28. Don Perkins- Back in the days when a fullback was a true running back, Perkins was one of the first Cowboy all stars, consistently being around the top of the league in rushing and helping Dallas move from struggling expansion team to NFL powerhouse. He's a deserving Ring of Honor member and the best 1960s running back not already in the Hall of Fame.

29. Walt Garrison- An actual cowboy who competed in rodeos in his spare time, Garrison was a tough, talented player in that era in the 70s when fullbacks had to be more versatile than at any time before or since, serving as almost equal part lead blockers, receivers, and true running backs.

30. Robert Newhouse- Very similar to Garrison, Newhouse took over the reins after he retired and helped power the Cowboys to Super Bowl glory. His freakish, thickly muscled legs are legendary.

31. Tony Hill- Playing John Stallworth to Drew Pearson’s Lynn Swan, this athletic receiver actually ended up with better stats than Pearson. If not for the infamous anti-Cowboy bias Hill would probably be in the Hall of Fame. Unfortunately as it stands now there are still several other players waiting in line ahead of him for justice to be done.

32. Erik Williams- This big man was one of the meanest, nastiest offensive tackles to ever play the game, and, as so often happens when certain Cowboys are too successful, he inspired rule changes that bear his name. He helped anchor one of the greatest offensive lines in history, protecting Troy Aikman and blasting a path for Emmitt Smith to rush into the history books. He doesn’t get the credit he deserves, but it’s hard to imagine there are too many tackles better than Erik Williams in the Hall of Fame.

33. Everson Walls- Leading the league in interceptions his rookie year, Walls quickly cemented himself as one of the greatest cornerbacks in Cowboys history. At first derided for an alleged lack of speed, multiple Pro Bowls and All Pro selections demonstrated that he had ample skill and athleticism.

34. Ralph Neely- Outstanding tackle who established himself as one of the team’s first great offensive linemen. Neely made All Pro multiple times and is on the NFL’s 1960s All Decade Team.

35. Mark Stepnoski- A relatively undersized center who made up for it with brutal strength and sharp football intelligence, Stepnoski made it to five straight pro bowls in the mid 90s and was selected to the NFL’s 1990s All Decade Team.

36. Calvin Hill- This big running back with speed was asked to fill the shoes left by Don Perkins, and did so admirably by making first team All Pro his rookie season. He ultimately became the first Dallas player to rush for over a 1000 yards in one season.

37. George Andrie- An exceptional defensive end on the original version of Doomsday who earned five consecutive Pro Bowl trips in the late 60s.

38. Billy Joe Dupree- An athletic tight end who served as a reliable receiving threat, Dupree was a consistent pro bowler in the mid 70s.

39. Frank Clarke- This receiver later turned tight end was one of the Cowboys’ first all pros in the 60s as the team struggled for respectability.

40. Nate Newton- Nicknamed "The Kitchen" because he was bigger than William "Refrigerator" Perry, Newton was one of the first lineman well over 300 pounds to be considered athletic enough to play the game at a competent level. Going to six Pro Bowls in the 90s, the guard certainly did more than that.

41. Bob Breunig- Great middle linebacker who succeeded Lee Roy Jordan and anchored Doomsday in the late 70s. Smart enough to earn the nickname "Brainy" and possessing a wrestler's athleticism, he went to three Pro Bowls.

42. Mark Tuinei- Converted from defensive to offensive line (one of many such Landry experiments), Tuinei served as an underrated tackle who consistently performed at an elite level throughout his long career in the 80s and 90s. He went to two Pro Bowls, and should have gone to more.

43. Pat Donovan- A solid offensive tackle who was invited to four Pro Bowls in the late 70s and early 80s.

44. Bill Bates- A hard hitting strong safety whose main contribution was being a superb special teams player for many years. In fact, he was so good that the NFL basically created the special teams slot in the Pro Bowl just so they could send him.

45. Dave Edwards- Although overshadowed by the stars who surrounded him, Edwards was a solid player on some of the greatest defenses of all time in the 60s and 70s. He was a devastating force against the run, and became one of the first true strong side linebackers after Tom Landry invented the concept.

46. Eugene Lockhart- This hard hitting middle linebacker was one of the few good players on the weak teams of the late 80s.

47. Larry Cole- Cole was a standout defensive end (and later tackle) who played for Dallas in three different decades, from the 60s to the 80s, and was a vital contributor until the end.

48. Daryl Johnston- A powerhouse lead blocking fullback, "Moose" paved the way for Emmitt Smith to break the career rushing title. He was also a reliable outlet receiver for Aikman.

49. Leon Lett- Although famous for a couple of notorious bonehead blunders, the "Big Cat" was a great pass rusher and one of the best tackles in the league during the mid 90s.

50. Thomas Henderson- "Hollywood’s" legacy was tarnished by his off (and sometimes on) the field behavior, but the guy was still one of the greatest raw athletes to ever play at the linebacker position.


Active players with a chance to make this list someday include Jason Witten, DeMarcus Ware, Matt McBriar, Terrence Newman, Roy Williams (either one; we’ll see....), and (hopefully) Tony Romo.


I gave QBs heavy positional weighting, but you could argue that Emmitt Smith should be in the top 3. The top 5 could reasonably be arranged in any order, but I do think those 5 are a cut above the rest. Bob Hayes has since been inducted into the HoF. One could also argue that George Andrie should be ranked higher. We don't hear as much about him but he's in the discussion for best all around DE in team history.

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Posted 10 February 2013 - 02:16 PM

1) Bob Lilly- When you read what other players said about Lilly's dominance, it is clear he belongs at the top of the list.
2) Roger Staubach- His never say die attitude defined the Cowboys of the 1970s.
3) Emmitt Smith- Probably the most accomplished NFL back since Jim Brown.
4) Michael Irvin- Considered the heart and soul of the 1990s championship teams.
5) Randy White- Great motor, dominant pass rusher from the defensive tackle position.
6) Tony Dorsett- One of the most exciting players in NFL history. Speedy, but also tough for his size.
7) Larry Allen- Probably the best offensive guard in the NFL since John Hannah retired.
8) Lee Roy Jordan- Playmaking middle backer who was a key part of Doomsday Defense's dominance.
9) Mel Renfro- Top-notch cover cornerback who solidified Cowboys' secondary for over a decade.
10) Troy Aikman- Maybe the most accurate passer in NFL history. Was great in post-season games.
11) Rayfield Wright- Athletic lineman who helped Cowboys' 1970's teams achieve offensive greatness.
12) Chuck Howley- Fast and smart outside backer who came up big in big games.
13) Drew Pearson- Best clutch receiver in Cowboys' history.
14) Bob Hayes- His super speed changed the NFL.
15) Cliff Harris- Underrated free safety who excelled as pass defender and run stopper.
16) Don Meredith- Great deep passer who exhibited toughness in trying times.
17) Jason Witten- Productive, classy tight end who plays the game the right way.
18) Darren Woodson- Covered like a cornerback and hit like a linebacker from safety position.
19) Demarcus Ware- One of the top pass rushers in Cowboys history and one of the best defensive players in the NFL over the past decade.
20) Too Tall Jones- Stout against the run and always a threat to either sack the QB or deflect a pass when opponents took to the air.
21) Frank Clarke- Underrated wideout/tight end who put up big numbers for a struggling Cowboys team in the early years.
22) Harvey Martin- His 1977 campaign was one of the best for a defensive end in NFL history.
23) Deion Sanders- Would have ranked higher if he had been in Dallas longer.
24) Nate Newton- Played at all-pro level during Cowboys' championship years in the 1990s.
25) Cornell Green- Starred at both cornerback and safety for Doomsday Defense.
26) Don Perkins- Hard-running fullback who achieved excellence despite playing behind suspect offensive lines for most of his career.
27) Charles Haley- Disruptive pass rusher put fear into opposing offensive coordinators.
28) Erik Williams- May have been a Hall of Famer if not for unfortunate knee injury in 1994.
29) Charle Waters- Fought through some tough times to become an all-pro safety. Was excellent on special teams as well.
30) Danny White- Had the unenviable task of replacing Roger Staubach but played well as starting QB.
31) George Andrie- Former basketball player at Marquette who was an excellent pass rusher for early Cowboys' teams.
32) Tony Hill- Teamed with Drew Pearson to give Dallas a dangerous pair of wideouts in late 70s/early 80s.
33) Blaine Nye- One of the NFLs top guards in 1970s.
34) Tony Romo- How many undrafted free agents became top level NFL QBs? Romo is on that very short list.
35) Jay Novacek- His wide receiver-like skills from the tight end position helped make the Cowboys' offense in the early to mid 1990s difficult to contain.
36) Calvin Hill- The Cowboys' first 1000 yard rusher who also excelled as a pass catcher.
37) Jethro Pugh- Did not get much attention because he played next to Lilly, but Pugh was a top level defensive lineman in his own right.
38) Mark Stepnoski- Not particularly big, but his strength and smarts made him probably the best center in Cowboys' history.
39) Thomas Henderson- If not for his off the field woes, Hollywood may have been one of the best over at outside backer.
40) Billy Joe Dupree- Excellent all-around tight end who was a favorite target of Cowboys quarterbacks when the team was in scoring position.
41) Daryl Johnston- Selfless player whose lead blocks opened up many a hole for Emmitt Smith.
42) Everson Walls- Had a tremendous nose for the ball and was one of the NFLs best cornerbacks in the 1980s.
43) Larry Cole- Never flashy, but always productive as a Cowboys defensive lineman for over a decade in the team's early glory years.
44) Bill Bates- One of the NFL's best ever special teams' players.
45) Ralph Neely- A strong force for the Cowboys' offensive line groups in the 1970s.
46) Jim Jeffcoat- Always productive as a pass rusher, Jeffcoat performed well for Dallas for over a decade.
47) Greg Ellis- Versatile player who did well as an end in a 4-3 scheme and an outside backer in a 3-4 scheme.
48) Walt Garrison- Maybe the toughest player to suit up for the Cowboys. Productive as a runner and pass receiver.
49) Mark Tuinei- Went from undrafted free agent to pro bowl level offensive tackle.
50) Doug Cosbie- Rangy tight end who made big plays in Cowboys' passing game.

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Posted 05 March 2013 - 05:13 AM

HERCHEL WALKER because we got so many great players with all of those picks.
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Posted 07 March 2013 - 05:59 PM

1. Bob Lilly - Mr. Cowboy himself, ROH, HOF
2. Roger Staubach - Capt. Comeback, ROH, HOF
3.Emmitt Smith - NFL rushing leader, ROH, HOF
4.Randy White - Dominating defensive tackle, ROH, HOF
5. Troy Aikman - 3 time Super Bowl winner, ROH, HOF
6. Michael Irvin - Heart and soul of Cowboys, ROH, HOF
7. Mel Renfro - All Pro cornerback and safety, ROH, HOF
8. Tony Dorsett - One of the NFL's all time great running backs, ROH, HOF
9. Bob Hayes - Completely changed how defenses played, ROH, HOF
10. Rayfield Wright - Converted tight end became dominating tackle, ROH, HOF
11. Larry Allen - Dominated at tackle and guard, future Hall of Famer, ROH
12. Chuck Howley - Multiple All Pro, Pro Bowler, Super Bowl MVP, ROH
13. Lee Roy Jordan - Multiple All Pro, Pro Bowler, Captain of the Doomsday Defense, ROH
14. Cliff Harris - Capt. Crash Multiple All Pro, Pro Bowler, member of NFL All Decade team, ROH
15. Don Meredith - Extremely underrated and underappreciated, ROH
16. Don Perkins - Our very first great runningback, ROH
17. Drew Pearson - One of the games great clutch performers, ROH
18. Charles Haley - One of the games great intimidators, ROH
19. Harvey Martin - NFL's unofficial all time sack leader, multiple All Pro and Pro Bowler, Super Bowl MVP
20. Daryl Johnston - Redefined the fullback position
21. Bill Bates - Caused the NFL to add Special Teams player to Pro Bowl roster.
22. Jay Novacek - Extremely important cog to the Cowboys success in the 90's
23. Ed "Too" Jones - 6 feet 9 inches of mean
24. Erik Williams - Just mean, manhandled opponents
25. Cornell Green - Converted basketballer, multiple All Pro, Pro Bowler at cornerback and safety
26. Walt Garrison - Extremely tough runner when fullbacks were used to carry the ball
27. Charlie Waters - Became the quarterback of the great Cowboy defenses of the 70's
28. Everson Walls - Another of the great Cowboy cornerbacks
29. Billy Joe Dupree - The first of the great Cowboy tightends
30. George Andrie - Multiple All Pro and Pro Bowls
31. Preston Pearson - Became the definitive 3rd down back
32. Nate Newton - Devastating blocker
33. Frank Clarke - Our first great receiver
34. Ralph Neeley - Multiple All Pro and Pro Bowler
35. John Niland - All Pro and Pro Bowler
36. Thomas "Hollywood" Henderson - Lawrence Taylor wanted to be Thomas
37. Pat Donovan - Multiple All Pro and Pro Bowler
38. Blain Nye - Multiple All Pro and Pro Bowler, founder of the Zero Club
39. Larry Cole - Mr. Dependability, versatile defensive tackle and end, member of the Zero Club
40. Tony Tolbert - Underrated defensive end for Cowboys Super Bowl teams of the 90's
41. Danny White - Underappreciated dual threat at quarterback and punter
42. Mark Tuinei - Perfect compliment to Erik Williams
43. Robert Newhouse - Had legs like tree stumps
44. Dexter Coakley - Undersized linebacker brought big time to his game
45. Doug Cosbie - The first Jay Novacek
46. Dave Edwards - Solid member of early great Cowboy defenses
47. Jason Witten - Multiple All Pro, Pro Bowler, future ROH and HOFer
48. DeMarcus Ware - Multiple All Pro, Pro Bowler, Future ROH and HOFer
49. Tony Romo - You never know what you got 'til it's gone (see Don Meredith)
50. Sean Lee - It's early I know, but this kid is special

I know there are countless others that could be inserted for some I have picked. That's what's so great about the Cowboys, there isn't only a handfull of great players. There are teams worth of great players. One other thing, I placed Witten, Ware, Romo, and Lee at the end only because they're still active. If I were starting a team they'd be on it. Otherwise, this is just my opinion. Why wait to be great, come win now. DALLAS COWBOYS SUPER BOWL BOUND BABY !!!!!

Glad to see Billy Bate's name on the top 50 list. The guy gave his heart and soul to the Cowboys


#32 karmaisabeautifulthing


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Posted 10 March 2013 - 01:21 PM


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Posted 03 April 2013 - 12:24 AM

Derrin woodson

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Posted 12 April 2013 - 06:47 PM

Hi y'all! in keeping with the 50 greatest Cowboys of all time...i have a helmet with signatures by most of the greatest players discussed in this forum,

Bob Lilly #74 Calvin Hill #35 Chuck Howley #54 Craig Morton #14 Dan Reeves #30 Dave Campo   Don Meredith #17 Don Perkins #43 Duane Thomas #33 Ed "Too Tall" Jones #72 Eddie LeBaron #14 George Andrie #66 Herb Adderley #26 Herschel Walker #34 Jethro Pugh #75 Larry Cole #63 Lee Roy Jordan #55 Mel Renfro #20 Preston Pearson #26 Rayfield Wright #70 Robert Newhouse #44 Roger Staubach #12 Tom Landry  

it was left to me by a close family member who passed away recently.  He was a very passionate Dallas fan from when he was a child.  I would like to sell it to a fan that would treasure it as much as he did...can anyone recommend where I can reach out to the appropriate people who may be interested in it?

I would greatly appreciate any guidance and recommendation, thank you very much!  


#35 Vincent Dwayne

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Posted 17 April 2013 - 05:02 PM

E. Smith ..




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Posted 23 April 2013 - 11:14 PM

everyone of the olineman from the 90's, jay novacek, he was aikmans good luck charm.

#37 Aussie Fan

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Posted 04 May 2013 - 09:46 AM

People appear to have forgotten about Frank Clarke.

It has been 45 years since he last played and he still ranks 11th in Cowboys career receptions with 281, 6th in yards with 5,214 and 4th in receiving tds with 50.

He surely would have to be in every Cowboys fans Top 50 list

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Posted 20 May 2013 - 02:13 AM

1. Roger Staubach

2. Emmitt Smith

3. Bob Lilly

4. Mel Renfro

5. Larry Allen

6. Randy White  

7. Tony Dorsett 

8. Troy Aikman 

9. Michael Irvin 

10. Bob Hayes 

11. Rayfield Wright 

12. Chuck Howley 

13. Lee Roy Jordan 

14. Cliff Harris 

15. Harvey Martin

16. Drew Pearson 

17. Charles Haley 

18. Ed "To Tall" Jones

19. Daryl Johnston 

20. Don Meredith 

21. Walt Garrison

22. Bill Bates

23. Jason Witten

24. Nate Newton

25. Robert Newhouse

Cowboys 2015 wish list. Pass rushers. CB's that can turn and look for the ball. Run the ball on 3rd and 1. No empty backfield sets. No zone coverage ever. Win the NFCE again!! Bacon for everyone!! GO COWBOYS!!!

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Posted 03 July 2013 - 06:04 PM

Top 10 of my opinion and faves:


1. Roger

2. Lilly

3. Aikman

4. Emmitt

5. Randy White 

6. Witten

7. Ware

8. Mel Renfro

9. Irvin

10. Larry Allen

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Posted 03 July 2013 - 08:35 PM

Let's not forget Tom Landry.....He made or developed many "Cowboy Heroes"....

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